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Lets Face it…

They smell great, they look nice, and at my house they are always burning.

But how did candles come about? And what did they look like, say 200 years ago?

Today we are going to find out.

  1. Before Modern Times a Chandler Made them

A chandler, not to be confused with a chandelier,  was a specialist in making candles, wax, and soap.

In fact there were many different kinds of chandlers some even specialized on ships using whale oil, tar, and lard.

Many cities in the United States are named after this long lost profession. For example, Chandler, Texas.

2. In The 18th Century, Candles Were The Primary Source of Light

Most candle making took place in homes. Candles were dipped, or molded from Tallow, Beeswax, Bayberry wax, and Myrtle wax.

Wicks were made from cotton.

3. High Quality Candles Used To be Made from Beeswax

Although high in demand Beeswax candles used to be very popular. They were rolled from sheets of beeswax and had a sweet honey smell.

These candles were More expensive then Tallow candles, which did not burn very well and also didn’t have a nice smell.

Unfortunately, they were very hard to come by.